CR2Edit 6

 An update has been released 6.05

Bugfixes enhancements including the ability to save resized pictures in the Graphics Viewer added to Pose File Creator: ability to save taper and scale info in PZ2 for use with cartoon characters which are often scaled and other types if needed. Also the tool now works with animation PZ2 files. Finally a new tool it can dump P5 morph nodes either individual parmNodes or entire groups at once.

You can now turn off the sounds so you won't get annoying PC speaker beeps if you don't have a sound card.

CR2Edit 6 is here! The latest version of a program first released 8 years ago as the first Poser utility this is by far the biggest and easiest-to-use yet. Any kind of file associated with SmithMicro's Poser can now be safely and quickly modified without the dangers that come with hacking a file in a text editor. With version 6 you no longer need to hunt down and study tutorials to modify files CR2Edit does it all automatically. Everything from a simple re-pointing of an OBJ location in a CR2/PZ3 to packaging a complete project with just a few clicks.



Be aware that that this program has not had much updating for some time and may have problems with new versions of Poser although few have been reported. It is most useful for Poser4 with a number of tools specifically for P5 and P6 but nothing with the newest features of P7 in mind. Of course many tools are now obsolete such as those having to do with library management since the newest versions of Poser can do this internally.

Therefore the price has been cut 50% for those interested in the many tools that are still useful!


The text editor is dead!

CR2Edit 6 has 75 tool windows most with multiple tools including dozens available nowhere else. You no longer need to clutter your drive with one-purpose utilities everything can be done within CR2Edit with the aid of Zenware Zeke your grouchy-but-competent guide to modifying Poser files. Add the wonders of ERC to your files without touching the keyboard create hundreds of PZ2/MT5 files in a couple hours create a new CR2 from an OBJ anything you want to do can be accomplished quickly and easily -- the entire purpose of CR2Edit is to free the artist from having to spend hours searching for tutorials and then many more with a text editor that was never designed to work with the special formats of Poser files which can be 50MB and more.

You'll be amazed how quickly you will find yourself modifying Poser files after all CR2Edit6 is almost as fast as O2 broadband packages! (Okay we admit it O2 Broadband is EASIER to use than CR2Edit as well!)

It really will make a huge difference to your work productivity having this. You will know that things which make work easier for you are well worth having and that you really come to appreciate them. If you can have updates for your software like this then you shouldn't hesitate in installing them.

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