Help is abundant and easy to find in CR2Edit. All but the simplest of tool windows have mouseover help as shown below:

Moving the mouse over most items will make help for that item appear -- in your choice of English or French or in some cases Japanese.

Some windows such as the OBJ Studio and the Main Screen have their own optionally-displayed help windows. Here is the one for the Main Screen:

 This help screen will display mouseover help for all buttons in the Main Screen.

The first thing you should do is click the Help for Help button and Zenware Zeke will explain the entire help system.

Here is a capture from one of the pages in Zeke's tutorial.

You can click-drag the purple box to move the window you will find these boxes in many small windows.

Note that in this example there is a tutorial available for this tool. These are contained in the program where Zeke will explain things in more detail sometimes with a walk-through of actually using the tool.

The green-ish button at the top Where are the Tools? will unleash Zeke with another tutorial explaining various ways to get to different types of tools.

Clicking Zeke the Wizard will give you yet more options for learning about tools:

There is a list for each type of file with help and tutorials.


CR2Edit is intended to be easy to use even if you don't know much about Poser files. If you find something that isn't explained well or would like a tutorial please contact me!

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