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If you open a file directly in the main screen rather than going immediately to one of the tools you will see something like this.

The Main Screen

Starting at the top left: The file name is given and its size. The version of Poser it was created with is listed -- if it is higher than 4.0 you can click on it and Zeke will offer to set it to 4 so that users who don't have the Poser Pro Pack or Poser5 won't get those annoying "newer version than expected" messages.

CR2Edit can embed information in any file if this has been done the File Info button will appear features explained later.

Next the main and prop OBJ files are listed and then the maps. If there are multiple maps moving the mouse over the boxes will cause a drop-down list to appear. You can change any path by typing in a new one but it is easier to click the labels and browse to the file and let Zeke take care of it.

The body parts in the file are listed and if there are "phantom" parts the black button will appear.

These are parts which have no geometry but which exist in the CR2 to enable better smoothing of blend zones for clothing.


The materials are listed in the bottom box with corresponding mat and reflection colors to the left which can be changed by clicking on them.

In the center of the main screen are the primary tools only a small fraction are shown here since there are fly-out sub-menus for nearly every one explained later.

On the right the morph channels are listed. If you click the purple View Channels button at the center bottom the channels for a selected body part will be shown.

To the right of the View OBJ button another will appear if there is embedded geometry in the file. Clicking this pops up a window:

The Pro Pack creates files with the geometry embedded in them. This is a no-no for most vendors since then you can't distribute modified CR2 files that use your copyrighted mesh. If you want to modify that mesh all those who have earlier versions would need to download all new CR2 files -- which YOU would need to modify to include the new geometry.

Normally you would extract the geometry as one file but if you want to work with morph targets you have the option of extracting as separate files for each body part.

An associated tool in the main tools menu will create a library file with an external OBJ automatically which would be the normal approach to solving this problem.


The Open Source button will open a second file in the right-hand pane for use with some tools in the main window such as transferring morphs or body parts or joint parameters.

Transferring morphs and body parts

Transferring joint parameters


Navigating CR2Edit is designed to be quick and easy with many ways to get to tools.


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