Requirements and Order Info

CR2Edit will run under any 32bit Windows OS or in an emulator on a Mac. With Win95 a few graphics tools won't work and the OBJ Studio will be unavailable with WinNT which only supports DirectX3.

Requires DirectX8 which comes with Windows newer than Win98. If a game or other software has not updated your DX you can get DX8 from Microsoft. Zeke will tell you if your DirectX is not up-to-date.

Any processor and RAM will do but faster machines and more RAM will give better performance of course. 1Gz or better CPU's are recommended for very large files just as with Poser.

Minimum screen resolution is 1024X768.

CR2Edit 6 supports all localizations of Poser: English French Japanese and German. Everything in the program can be viewed in English or French and some Japanese translation has been done.

Note the prices below have been cut 50% from the originals!

CR2Edit6 upgrade from any version --$12.50

CR2Edit6 new user --- $45

Checks are accepted email info(at) for address but I highly recommend PayPal for web payment. They have 25 million members in 37 countries with backing by some of the largest banks in the world and $100 000 insurance by Travelers. If you are an international customer signing up look carefully for the link to the international page or you will find yourself on the US page with nowhere to put your country code.

PayPal notifies me within a few hours of your order and you can expect your copy of the program very soon after that.