FileInfo Beta Program

FileInfo expands on the file information window in CR2Edit6 (right click a file in the File Manager). It provides all info given by the CR2Edit tool and more faster and more easily. In addition it has a Maintenance window where Runtimes can be created and managed.

Keeping track of library files with all their components as well as information not ordinarily obtainable from a file has become a very large problem now that content providers number in the thousands. If you like the work of a certain modeler you may want to look at other work the person may have done which you already own but have never opened in Poser -- or you have forgotten the names. By examining file names reading library files locating and reading readme files and other methods FileInfo can find work by a certain creator files that use the same OBJ file and other parameters.

Here is Victoria2 with information discovered by FileInfo. The relevant info in the ReadMe can be embedded in the CR2.

Verify OBJ Location will check to see that the location in the library file is correct.

Maps will give you a list of maps referred to in the file and let you look at them.

The QuickLook button displays the contents of a file most often you would use this to look at a ReadMe.

The More button is to display more of the text. Previous and Next are used in navigating through all the files in a folder. Find is covered later. With View Mesh you can view the associated OBJ for a library file with groups colored and identified by mouseover.


The Find button brings up a number of options.

Here are files located which use the same OBJ as the open file (note that you can save the list as a text file).

You can also search for files created by the same person. For all searches there may be an alternate list of "possible" matches where FileInfo has found information which suggests a file meets your search criteria. For example a file may be located that has a creator similar to but not exactly the same as in "Joe Smith" and "Smith's Models".

Maintenance Window

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