Free programs


Zuite is a "control panel" program to help reduce clutter on your desktop. Poser-related Zenware appears on one tab with graphics and user-defined programs on others.

It will run in English French or German!


I use this to keep Folding@Home running all night.

Send an email for this one:

(replace the "AT" with "@")


Some non-Zenware utilities destroy the formatting of Poser files. This makes the files unreadable by some other utilities including some Zenware apps and makes them very difficult to read in even a text editor.

More about FormatFixer 



PPP OBJ Export Fixer 

The picture explains it all. Fast safer than a text editor and you can process an entire folder at once. If you have an OS newer than 98 you shouldn't need to download the Zenware system files to run this.

Files processed may still not work as they may contain other errors but if the problem is simply the "IND" error this should fix it. If it solves your problems or doesn't PLEASE let me know! Feedback is nice there have been thousands of downloads of these free apps but only one or two comments!

Download Fixer


ZenBug 2.0

For programmers and model/map makers. This is what I use to keep track of bug reports and their status but it can also be used as a "to do" list. Very fast and simple to use.

New version you can now have multiple lists and the status is shown immediately as well as some other fixes/additions.


 ZenBug 2.0




Here is one for kids of all ages it encrypts a message into a "picture" that can be decoded by a friend with the same app!

Zencode page


BVH Fixer

DanceStudio makes BVH files which can be used by Poser for animation however they have underscore characters where there should be spaces. This app fixes this faster than renaming opening find/replace save renaming with NotePad. In addition it has a batch function that will convert every BVH in a folder. If you have other incompatible BVH files let me know and I will look into fixing them as well.

If you have any Zenware apps you can run these programs. If not you may need to install the Zenware System Files first. All apps to be used at your own risk although no problems are known.

Zenware System Files - 3.5MB

BVHFixer - 23KB




Are you a programmer who has to deal with hex numbers?

This will convert from hex to decimal or the other way around in an instant.


HexToDec - 18KB



ColorPicker 2 - new version!

If you're still making MAT files by hand (rather than using CR2Edit to automate the process!) this will allow you to set any color with the sliders. Your texture specular or ambient color is copied to the clipboard all formatted and ready to stick in your MAT file.

Color Picker - 24KB






When you export OBJ files for an animation Poser numbers them in sequence but Windows doesn't alphabetize them making import into an animation app awkward. They are listed in Explorer as 1 11 12 etc before reaching 2. This app renumbers all such files in a folder adding the leading zeroes when appropriate with the result shown in the picture.

OBJ Sequence Renumber-er - 6KB





Sometimes when you create a CR2 in the PPP it fails to weld the thighs. This fixes the problem if needed and also adjusts the centers by .001 to avoid the problem of clothing not conforming properly when applying to the same model as was used as a base for the new CR2.

Hope Suzanne Sommers doesn't sue me...

ThighMaster - 54KB

Please visit Zenwareonline for more graphics apps and CR2Edit: dozens of powerful tools for Poser all in one app!