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Newest software from Zenware:

Kaleidolicious !

Kaleidolicious processes a picture and converts it into a "kaleidoscopic" image with many options to vary the output.



ZenCap is more than just another screen capture program -- it has sophisticated color sampling abilities to help you build a palette for a desktop theme a graphics texture map or any use involving colors.




You have probably seen advertisements using the technique of building a picture from miniature versions of other pictures. (Best viewed from a few feet away)

Now you can create your own montages with very little effort or cost with ImageIt!


You have probably also seen advertisements using the technique of building a picture from words! (Best viewed from a few feet away)

Now you can make your own pictures using any text you want or dots as with newspaper pictures to create unique art.




ZenLiner 2

Bored with Poser's sketch render output? Want to easily create a comic strip? Like the bold simplicity of a line drawing? Just want something DIFFERENT?

ZenLiner is a program which converts pictures to cartoon natural media or line-art style. These pictures can be from any source including photos and the line-art often works best with Poser- or Poser-style pictures that is pictures with strong lighting and high contrast with little detail in the background. But the best thing to do is to simply experiment!


ZenTile 2

Keep ZenTile open together with your preferred image browser and whenever you see a picture and wonder how it would look tiled or greyscaled or cropped or the three things together just drop it on ZenTile window.

AlphaZen 2

AlphaZen is a great utility for everyone who works with texturing of 3D objects. Whether it's about making textures for trees' leaf plates transparency maps for Poser clothes and lingerie or for alpha billboards whenever alpha mapping is involved AlphaZen is an invaluable assistant. It automatically reads the alpha channel out of TGA and TIF files and writes it as an independent bitmap file. Intensive texture workers will just love AlphaZen's batch function. What before used to take several tedious steps in Photoshop or similar large programs can now be performed quickly just by calling up your AlphaZen. Having alpha written as a separate bitmap file guarantees 100% compatibility of your 3D files when moved across applications and operating systems especially with those programs that don't offer an extensive support of the various graphic formats. AlphaZen makes the texture artist's life easier and it's the little but performing utility that many 3D users always dreamed of having in their artistic arsenal.


See your graphics files in a whole new way! Antler layers thumbnails in three styles with a virtually unlimited number shown on a page. Sort find view open them in other programs. Also works with text files!




ZenGrid can create grids both rectangular and radial with your choice of background and line colors with the ability to fill cells with colors. Grids can also be created directly on pictures for interesting effects. In addition it can make rulers to be used in layers for properly placing elements in a scene or for realistic measuring.


FilterFun - free!

FilterFun is being given away as a sample of the power and versatility of Zenware filters. A wide variety of effects is possible by varying the input numbers and the resulting pictures can be cropped rotated and flipped. This is a complete program not save-disabled or time-limited and is a lot of fun to play with!

OBJArt - free!

This program uses an OBJ file as input and produces amazing abstract art!

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