Kaleidolicious processes a picture and converts it into a "kaleidoscopic" image with many options to vary the output.





The selection area can be moved and sized.


Output can be as a square pentagon hexagon octagon circle or "sphere"

When creating a hexagon these options are available.

The Show Sector Lines option will divide the 6 sectors with black lines giving an effect similar to that of a kaleidoscope.

This will also give an interesting effect when the output image is tiled in Kaleidolicious (tiling discussed later).



The Glass Effect will give a look similar to stained glass with less detail and more saturated colors than in the input picture. This option is available for all polygon output types.

The Fill Center option will create a hexagon in the middle of the picture filled with either the input picture or the background color.

The background color can be set with the sliders by typing in RGB values by setting to (W)hite or (B)lack or with the dropper sampling from the input picture. In addition you can choose from the previously-saved color selections at the bottom or information from ZenCap ColorClips.



The sectors can have borders with the color chosen as above. The border width is adjustable with options. Effects shown in the sample area and in the selection area.

Different polygons have different options for borders.


Shaded with or without lines and/or circles




More Features and samples


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