After a picture has been processed further options will appear. The resulting picture can be loaded for further work or the result can be re-processed with different options if desired. The result can be loaded into ZenTile or ZenLiner if you have these programs from Zenware.






A picture that has been re-processed.

Below the same picture re-processed a second time.



The result can also be seamlessly tiled in Kaleidolicious.

The Full Size button will allow you to view the tiled picture at the chosen size rather than the small proxy picture shown.



Clicking Save for either the result picture or the tiled one will bring up the save window.


 There are many more features in Kaleidolicious such as flipping the selection triangle rotating the input picture creating folders of output renders using random Kaleidolicious settings. The pictures in the Random folder can be deleted moved viewed as a slide show.

To appreciate the full range of effects that Kaleidolicious is capable of please view the samples!

Sample output


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