Mosaic Beta Program

This program is intended primarily as a pattern maker for people making actual physical mosaics or marquetry or stained glass work but the images created have a certain beauty of their own in the symmetry and colors.

There are a number of different shapes available for the pieces and the sizes and proportions can be changed. The color of the "grout" can be changed and borders created.

To demonstrate the capabilities we will use this original photograph.





Here are the currently available patterns


and the sliders to adjust the size.



The sample picture processed -- as with all mosaics you should view these from a few feet away.

  20X20 square

  13X13 square

  9X49 rectangle

 A "brick" pattern

20X20 equilateral triangle

53X35 right angle triangle

  29X59 diamond

  16X16 hexagon

  30X46 hexagon