Mosaic Beta Program

 "DeLaRobia" weave

 at a larger size


 Triple hexagon

  Basket weave


 Block and Shield


The program can also apply borders on a mosaic made of adjustable tiles in your choice of color and grout color. The border can be placed around the edges of the mosaic or placed on top of it overlaying that part of the image.


You can even use this program to place borders around unprocessed pictures.


The colors of the tiles making up a mosaic are determined by mathematically averaging every pixel within the boundaries of each tile. Since the math is so precise the result is that for most pictures almost every tile will be a different color.

As shown Mosaic counts the tiles and keeps track of the unique colors. For most work you can simply print the pattern and visually match your tile materials to the colors. However you can also reduce the number of colors:

This process can be repeated as many times as you want and there is an Undo for each color reduction in case you slip with the mouse or decide too much variety has been lost. Note that as shown above F1 context-sensitive balloon help is available as with most Zenware.


To apply to beta test this program write to betamo AT (replace the AT with @). Please mention your OS if it is Win95 or 98 and where you learned of this beta testing program. If you have broadband access and so can receive large files by email rather than download please mention this as well.

Serious testers only please!

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