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You can create prop (PP2) or hair (HR2) files with Poser but the geometry will be included in the file. Should you need to modify the model you will need to create the full file in Poser -- again. If you want to sell your model most vendors will require you to extract the embedded geometry and make standard library and geometry files. This is done to avoid excessive bandwidth usage since if it is learned there is an error in your PP2 the corrected version can be distributed as a file of only a few KB versus what could be up to several MB if the geometry was included.

Poser-created files can be fixed in a good text editor but you must know what you are doing and be very careful not to miss even a single "}". At best it is a tedious job wasting time that could be better spent creating something new.

The OBJ Extractor will complete the entire job in less time than it takes to get the file loaded into a text editor.

Here is the program ready to process files that have been placed in the Input folder or you can drop a file on the Zenware icon:

Click Okay and enter the folder name for the new OBJ.

Click Okay or hit the Enter key and you're done.

Context sensitive help is available by hitting F1.

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