OBJ Relocator


Many times you will want to install a model in a different location from that which is called out by the library file. Perhaps you want to put all of Vicki's clothing geometry files in one place or you have downloaded a Poser5 CR2 and the creator has placed the OBJ with the CR2. You can move the OBJ file but then the CR2 won't know how to find it.

You can fix the problem in a good text editor but you must know what you are doing and be very careful not to miss even a single "}" and be sure to follow the proper conventions. Time spent that could be better spent creating something new.

The OBJ Relocator will complete the entire job in less time than it takes to get the file loaded into a text editor.

Here is the program ready to process files that have been placed in the Input folder or you can drop a file on the Zenware icon:

Note that you can choose to have the file date kept original despite the fact that the file has been edited -- you can't do this with a text editor.

Most important notice the Batch button. You can choose different runtimes.


Click Okay and you're done all files in the folder fixed in seconds.

If any OBJ files can't be located you will be notified of the problem library files.


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