Requirements and Order Info

OBJ Relocator requires Win95 or newer or a Mac with an emulator.

It will run in English or French with support for Japanese Windows.

If you have CR2Edit the function of OBJ Relocator is built-in but you may want this program anyway since it will allow you to process files without having to load the entire 10MB of CR2Edit6. Most important you can process entire folders at once!

Special offer for CR2Edit6 users: Include your serial number (click About) when ordering and get OBJ Relocator for only $9.95!

Checks are accepted email for address but I highly recommend PayPal for web payment. They have 25 million members in 37 countries with backing by some of the largest banks in the world and $100 000 insurance by Travelers. If you are an international customer signing up look carefully for the link to the international page or you will find yourself on the US page with nowhere to put your country code.

PayPal notifies me within a few hours of your order and you can expect your copy of the program very soon after that.

OBJ Extractor 1.0 --$14.95

OBJ Extractor 1.0 --$9.95 for CR2Edit users