Randomator !

The About box explains the purpose of Randomator but it doesn't tell you that it is also a lot of fun to make your own language- or subject-specific DEF files and then watch the output!

(Shown smaller than when running)




Here is the window for working with DEF files which contain letters and/or syllables for creating single names or files.

A new DEF file can be created using letters or syllables as entered by the user or with the words in any text file.

Here are your options for generating single names or files of names.

When you click "Launcher" the main window minimizes and this little one pops up. It will stay on top for instant access to random names.




Randomator is only $9.95 !

Checks are accepted email info@zenliner.com for address but I highly recommend PayPal for web payment. They have 56 million members in 45 countries with backing by some of the largest banks in the world and $100 000 insurance by Travelers. If you are an international customer signing up look carefully for the link to the international page or you will find yourself on the US page with nowhere to put your country code.

PayPal notifies me within a few hours of your order and you can expect your copy of the program very soon after that.