Bryce and Vue D'Esprit can import Poser MTL files but Poser doesn't put the full path in the file. Therefore you have to either put all maps in the folder with the OBJ or browse to them individually in the Material Editor. VueMaster reads a Poser PZ3 file and the exported OBJ file and inserts the paths into a new MTL saving a lot of time and aggravation when importing into Bryce or Vue D'Esprit. VueMaster places the new MTL into a dedicated folder along with a copy of the OBJ and the transparency and reflection maps. In addition it automatically makes copies of BUM files converts them to greyscale and places them in the dedicated folder. Some apps use transparency maps which are inverted from Poser's VueMaster will also fix these for you. Works with any app which can use MTL files and costs only $14.95

Buy VueMaster 1.0 - $14.95