ZenCap is more than just another screen capture program -- it has sophisticated color sampling abilities to help you build a palette for a desktop theme a graphics texture map or any use involving colors.

Capture the screen immediately or let ZenCap minimize and wait for you to hit the hotkey at any time. You can capture the active window or the entire screen.

Hotkey setup: F12 is the default.. If the active window uses the same function key you may need to change your F key choice or use the Ctrl key in combination..

You can choose where to save your captures (the ZenCap folder is the default) and set your choice of file type. JPG files are saved uncompressed so there is no loss of quality.



Draw on the captured screen -- when you let go of the mouse button your selection will show inverted. Click/drag again to change your selection.

The numbers show the X/Y values and the size of your selection they are updated 100 times a second as you draw on the screen. You can use the arrow keys (numpad or standard) to change the selection while holding down the mouse button. Tap an arrow key for one pixel hold down the key for more.

Click "Crop" or hit the "c" key and your selection is cropped and put in the upper left corner of ZenCap. Click "Undo" or hit the "u" key to restore the full captured image.

Your selection can be saved in the assigned save folder in the assigned format. You can also save and open immediately in your BMP or JPG editor. ZenCap knows what programs are associated with these files you don't need to set anything!


The Colors Menu



 In the color window you can use the mouse to sample anywhere on the screen -- not simply in the ZenCap window. You can sample a single pixel or have ZenCap average the values of the 9 pixels surrounding the dropper tip. This is useful for sampling flesh colors for example.

The values are updated 10 times a second as you move the mouse.

  Clicking "Small" shrinks ZenCap to get it out of the way restore by clicking.... "Click"!


Clicking "Spectrum" will bring up a window with the selected color centered on a spectrum of shades in 4 rows. The top row is based on all the red green and blue values while the others represent each channel. The dropper can sample from the spectrum.

The scale adjusts the range of colors shown in the spectrum.

Spectrum clips can be saved as a 100X50 swatch as text RGB values or the complete spectrum as a 300X140 bitmap.

Clicking "Color List" will bring you to the list management window. Your current samples are listed and can be selectively deleted and/or saved as text values or actual color charts. The color charts are saved to the Clipboard which can be pasted in your paint program as a selection or a new image and as bitmaps. Both types of files are automatically number-incremented.

Clicking "Manage color clip files" makes this window appear. Doubleclick a file to open in your paint/text editor. Selecting a file shows you a preview of it bitmap or text. You decide where to save these files.

Spectrum clips can be viewed moved renamed etc just like the other clips.

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