ZenGrid can create grids both rectangular and radial with your choice of background and line colors with the ability to fill cells with colors. Grids can also be created directly on pictures for interesting effects. In addition it can make rulers to be used in layers for properly placing elements in a scene or for realistic measuring.

The Grid Window

The Rulers Window

Sample Ruler

Sample Grid

ZenGrid and ZenTile are integrated on their menu bars so that a picture in one app can be instantly opened in the other. Above is a radial grid tiled in ZenTile with no further processing -- ZenGrid is fun as well as practical!

Available for only $14.95.

Requirements and Order Info

ZenGrid requires Win98 or newer or a Mac with an emulator.

Checks are accepted email info@zenliner.com for address but I highly recommend PayPal for web payment. They have 50 million members in 44 countries with backing by some of the largest banks in the world and $100 000 insurance by Travelers. If you are an international customer signing up look carefully for the link to the international page or you will find yourself on the US page with nowhere to put your country code.

PayPal notifies me within a few hours of your order and you can expect your copy of the program very soon after that.

ZenGrid --$14.95