Bored with Poser's sketch render output? Want to easily create a comic strip? Like the bold simplicity of a line drawing? Just want something DIFFERENT?


ZenLiner is a program which converts pictures to cartoon line-art natural media or other styles. These pictures can be from any source including photos and the line-art often works best with Poser- or Poser-style pictures that is pictures with strong lighting and high contrast with little detail in the background. But the best thing to do is to simply experiment!

(Poser is a copyright of CuriousLabs)

ZenLiner like most Zenware will run in English French or German.

When a picture is loaded thumbnails that approximate the various effects are shown.

Note that these are only thumbnails that approximate an effect -- you shouldn't hesitate to try even those that don't seem interesting with some pictures since it only takes a few seconds to render. Rendering takes place in a proxy window that shows the image at up to 500X500 pixels. Again if the picture is larger than this you are seeing only a scaled-down approximation and you should click the fullsize icon if you want to be more sure of the actual result!


Here are some results of simply clicking a single preset with no other post work:

Click on images for full size


 Some new presets in ZenLiner2 - click for full sized image

"Old Masters Oil"

"Oil Paint"

"Old Masters Oil"

There is also a "charcoal" preset and one for overlays with almost infinite variations.



New sample output

ZenLiner was one of the prizes in the TEG contests!


ZenLiner was used in creating the art for this novel:

The Journey by Josephine Tuckfield

Teeshirts and other products The Itching Dog from The Journey:

 ZenLiner3 is now in beta!

More ZenLiner information