ZenLiner 3 Beta

ZenLiner3 improves and expands the features of ZL2 while retaining and even improving the ease-of-use of the earlier version. If you are interested in ZL3 but are too busy to test at this time please note that you can order ZL2 now and ZL3 will be a free upgrade for all users.

Features include:

Virtually unlimited input image size

High or low resolution rendering - with large images rendering with many of the presets can be very time-intensive. Therefore you can now render a scaled-down proxy of the image to get an idea of what the full render might look like.

Faster display of presets

Improved/simplified sizing of preset thumbs

Scanner support

Improved files window

Alert sounds added (optional)

All greyscale/BW operations are twice as fast as before also effects setting up presets

New Help system

Added image area window you can select what part - or all - of the image to show in the proxy. The size of the selection can also be altered

Added Recent Folders List like Antler. Available from Files or Opening window

Progress bars for added feedback during long renders.

Many new Presets!

Here is a sample photo processed with the new "Watercolor" preset. At this time there are no sliders or adjustments to make you simply click the preset but I think the results are quite impressive:


More info and samples


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