ZenTile 2

ZenTile output in use!

Picture courtesy of Orio.

Vicki's hair is the Grecian set from DAZ her skin is Beach Baby from RDNA her dress is textured by ZenTile with a bump map by BumpZen which has since been replaced by AlphaZen2

Mike's hair is the FlatTop by DAZ his shirt textured by ZenTile with a canvas bump map.




"Gypsy Rose" a new dress texture created by

F Wizard using ZenTile2!







ZenTile's viewer rivals many stand-alone graphics viewers. You can scale the image get full information on it view sequential files in a folder view up to 5 pages of thumbs (56/page) flip or rotate the image and convert to JPG with full control of compression.

You can tile any image instantly or add it to a list to be tiled in batch mode in the main window.

The File Manager available from here and the main window has a Recent Files AND a Recent Folders list as well as Find and standard file moving deletion renaming. Thumbnails are shown for files selected so you can see if "1234.bmp" is really the file you wanted to use!


The Print module allows you to set margins or automatically center as well as scale the picture.

ZenTile will run in English or French with partial support for Japanese (more coming in free updates) and the Print module automatically sets the default measurements to English or metric depending on language.

Tiling options