Free Textures

Free Tex of the Week!

The combination of FilterFun and ZenTile can create some wonderful textures very quickly and easily and even more variety can be had with the addition of ZenPaint.

These are full-scale snippets of the full textures which average 1.3MB BMP format but they zip up very small. 60KB average

The pictures can be of anything at all from people to flowers to abstracts. With a pass or two thru ZenTile they become something else entirely.

Different settings in FilterFun or ZenPaint can give you totally different material for ZenTile to work with.

This began as a picture of some flowers.

The JPG snippets don't show the full detail of course.

With certain sized pictures and certain settings ZenTile will leave a margin at the right which can be used to advantage in geometric tiling. You can also add a border to the original in ZenPaint before tiling.

A puffy tex a nice tweed and a colorful knit -- look closely and you can see the original photo of a girl.

A knitted fabric look some upholstery fabric and a print made from a picture done in ZenPaint.

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